Hot Air Balloon Weddings

Hot air balloons are the oldest successful passenger-carrying flight technology. They consist of an envelope, commonly referred to as the balloon, which is filled with heated air, making it lighter and less dense than the outside air, causing it to lift. Attached beneath the balloon is the gondola, or basket, which carries the pilot and passengers. Thought hot air balloons were first investedhotairballoon-dayafter-05 as a form of military communication, presently they are primarily used for recreation.

Brides and grooms are looking for unique and distinguishable wedding ideas now more than ever! Imagine spending the most wonderful day of your life soaring in the open skies and taking in the views that nature has to offer. Hot air balloons are an incredibly romantic way to express your love and desire for your spouse, and hot air balloon weddings are taking off all over the world. The ceremony is had on the ground and then the newlywed couple floats up into the air to celebrate their new life together. There are many colorful styles and designs on hot air balloons to offer an exciting backdrop to your wedding photos.

Hot air balloon rides also make great entertainment for your wedding party and guests. In the air, you’ll have gorgeous landscape backdrops for your wedding photos. It is suggested to go early in the morning when the winds are gentle, so that the ladies can return for hair and makeup before the wedding ceremony. Takeoff and landing are very smooth and gentle in a proper hot air balloon and people do not often report feeling sick or scared during the ride. It is an exhilarating and exciting experience, even for your elderly family members.

Take your marriage to new heights with a hot air balloon wedding, and excite your guests with this thrilling and adventuresome event.