Wedding Balloons and Decor

Getting married is one of the biggest milestones of your life. A fabulous wedding is not complete without extraordinary decorations. Whether you are planning a beach Bohemian getaway, a black tie formal affair, a floral summer theme or something a little more rustic, there is wedding decor that works for you. ChGold-Balloon-Bride-and-groom-standing-in-a-field-650x433oose from endless designs, tweak details to suit your personal tastes, or create your own package from scratch using your imagination! The possibilities are limitless.

While many brides and grooms choose to go all-white tulle with white roses and accents, others’ take a more modern approach with splashes of warm oranges and reds, or a cool winter wedding with sparkly blues and purples. Whatever your style, the wedding decor is at your fingertips.

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Add a natural beauty to your wedding by choosing from a variety of hanging flower bouquets. Draped ceilings are all the rave this year and come in many different styles and colors, adding ambiance and intimacy to large spaces. If drama is your forte, choose red lights and lanterns to give your wedding a sassy theatrical attitude. Terrarium centerpieces are an ingenious way to bring beauty and nature to your reception.

Archways are a glamorous wedding tradition that create a focal point for any wedding ceremony. Flower covered, strung with lights or glittered and archways offer an opportunity for further creative expression during this huge moment in your life. Collecting flowers and foliage that is unique to your location adds a neat personalization to your wedding archway.

Personalized seating cards show off your smart attention to detail and make each guest feel welcomed and appreciated. Gold and silver lettering offers a rich look, or have them handmade with a calligraphy pen for a sophisticated flare. To compliment, consider personalized drink tags for each persons wine or water glass!