Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are an expression of creativity, personality and originality. A wedding cake can be a beautiful focal point to any ceremony. Choosing your perfect wedding cake is a tasty process, as most bakeries have cake sampling sessions. Whether you are choosing something traditional and elegant, such as vanwedding-cakes-e36337029b7ee6b15ffdbbb4b3526c73illa with buttercream, or you are going a bit more crazy with a cupcake buffet, wedding cakes are versatile and individualized.

For big fruit fans, flavoured buttercream icing is a good choice. Lemon, orange, strawberry or cherry essence can can add a burst of fruity flavour to your cake. Accenting the cake with freshly cut, glazed berries, peaches, pineapple or grapes gives your wedding cake a tropical twist.

Chocolate lovers rejoice. If you or your spouse is a choco-holic, choose a chocolate cake as your base and top it with whipped chocolate ganache and shaved Belgian chocolate twists. Decorate with some chocolate beads and pearls and add a little color with some rosettes or flower petals.

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Opt to have a plain angel food cake with lightly sweetened whipped cream topping for a cake that is light and airy, without the dense sweetness of a buttercream. Compliment it with some bourbon custard and fresh berries.

Gambling thrills your desire to play and win! Perhaps you will have a gambling cake that looks like a slot machine or poker table. Follow the gambling link for loads of new and exciting games in the virtual casino.

An alternative to traditional wedding cakes is a cupcake buffet. The benefit of cupcakes is that you can do multiple flavours and stylings to incorporate all of your most desired tastes. Decorate them to match the theme and color-scheme of the wedding decor to tie it all together. You can get very playful with cupcakes, piping flowers and swirled icing, and arranging in a beautiful pattern or design. Want the best of both worlds? Have an impressive wedding cake centerpiece surrounded by matching mini cupcakes.