Wedding Gifts

Many newlyweds are starting out a new life, home and family. It is oftentimes a financially trying time while things get sorted out. In fact, giving and receiving wedding gifts began only in the late 1800s, when fathers rewarded their daughters with dowrys, or assets and equity, so they appealed to a potential husband and brought something, materially, to the relationship. That tradition has since been adapted for modern times as a celebration for the bride-to-be, complete with a gift giving ceremony.hero-open-uri20140701-2-1jxubha

Purchasing a wedding gift is a thoughtful process. Your relationship with the bride and groom will inspire what type of present you give, from photo albums to silverware to gift certificates and more. Most couples will register at a store of their choice and select a list of items that they want or need. Then, as people purchase them, the item is checked off the list so guests do not buy duplicates.

Most people receive their wedding gifts at the bridal shower or wedding shower, but oftentimes people still deliver gifts and cards at the actual wedding event. More commonly, couples tend to wait until later (the next day) to open their gifts, as they want to maximize on time at the venue with the party going.

Some fantastic wedding gift ideas are:

  • Gift Certificates for retail or grocery stores, or gas cards.
  • Linens and blankets.
  • Decorative pillows, picture frames and plants.
  • Mirrors, lamps or other practical household items.
  • Personalized “Hers” and “His” towels.
  • Coffee makers or other small household appliances.
  • Cash (because everyone needs it!)

Be sure to include a card with well wishes and your name, so if they send out thank-you cards they have the information they need.

How much you spend on a wedding gift is up to you. You may opt to pick up one of their larger options if you have the means. If you are friends but not very close, a range of $20-$40 is suitable. If you are an acquaintance or do not know the couple personally, simply a card with a well wish or a small donation is acceptable.