Wedding Party Games

Wedding party games add fun and excitement to any reception or celebration. Gigantic board games, darts or billards, croquet, Mad Libs, a scavenger hunt and bocci ball are all great ideas for wedding entertainment. Whatever your style, click here for a game that is perfect for your wedding.outdoor-DIY-running-wedding-reception-games

Giant board games such as snakes and ladders, or a giant puzzle game such as a crossword, are witty and interactive activities that any guest can participate in! You can create your own game board inexpensively and artistically. With spray sidewalk chalk you can make a snakes and ladders board with alternating coloured squares. With a chalkboard and colorful chalk you can create a crossword puzzle with wedding and love themed words.

Darts and billards are classic adult entertainment. A friendly game can be facilitated at your wedding reception. Many wedding venues and hotels have pool tables and dart boards available to amp up your wedding party. Try dividing your guests into teams- bride’s guests versus groom’s guest, and offer funny prizes or novelty items to the winners.

Croquet, bocci, horse shoes and bean bag toss are quaint, elegant lawn games that spruce up any wedding garden party reception. If friendly competition and fellowship describe you, these activities are a must try for your special occasion. Get your guests moving and laughing as they play rounds of these gentle games.

Guessing games and puzzles are hilarious additions to a gathering of people. Better suited for smaller, more intimate weddings, games such as charades, Mad Libs, Hedbanz and Cranium are all games that can be adapted to suit a wedding theme. Create a list of funny, wedding or love related actions and have your wedding guests act the out and guess! These types of interactive games bring families and friends together through humor. If you have some class clowns in your wedding party, these games will be he highlight of the party.